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Our quick and reliable wood chipping service is excellent for anyone with large amounts of garden waste to clear. The chippings can be used for use as mulch in gardens and vegetable plots reducing the need for chemical weed treatments. We also recommend the chippings for natural garden paths and chicken pens.

Did you know?

Chipping garden waste is environmentally friendly and helps reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere – green waste which goes to landfill contributes to the creation of methane gas.

If you would like to make use of the service, please call us to discuss your needs and arrange a suitable date and time.

Service terms and conditions

The waste must be located in an area that can be reached by our vehicles and chippers.

Only waste suitable for chipping will be processed: we cannot chip treated woods such as pallets or fence posts; soft rubbish such as grass cuttings.

Waste that has a diameter greater than 13 cms (5 inches) will not be chipped.