Oct 20, 2020

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With Winter fast approaching, where should I buy my logs in Rugby?


Winter is creeping in, and with the colder months on our doorsteps, there is a need to look out for the best firewood for your wood-burning stoves, fire pits and chimineas. Your outdoor space isn’t limited to just the summer after all, especially during these difficult times! 

The all important question – where should you buy your logs and kindling? 

Whilst a big-name, large-chain hardware store might seem like the most convenient place, the packages are usually small and can work out expensive if you will be burning regularly.

So what’s the best solution to finding good quality local firewood in and around Rugby?

As expert tree surgeons in the industry for over 25 years, we know a thing or two about trees and wood, so we’re here to help!

For burning, we recommend quality barn-stored, air-seasoned wood. While sounding quite fancy, this type of wood burns efficiently and is well suited to open fires and wood-burning stoves, kicking out the least smoke and fumes. Not only that but air-drying is ecological and sustainable, relying on good air circulation rather than any power source to remove the moisture content.

Did you know? ‘Seasoning’ means drying the wood to prepare it for use. It refers to the practice of stacking fresh cut logs in such a way that air can circulate freely to remove moisture content naturally. Kiln dried wood requires processing in a low temperature kiln to achieve the same moisture reduction, but of course uses power – which could be gas, electricity or a form of solid fuel. Why not let nature do the work for you rather than use up other fuels?


The best way to source air-dried wood is to buy directly from a tree surgeon or gardening service

For instance, here at Dead Or Alive Trees, we salvage as much quality wood from our tree surgery as is possible – not only to reduce landfill waste, but also to retain it for air-drying in our barn storage areas to help benefit the environment. This produces logs and kindling ready for you to burn cleanly at home. (In addition, all smaller offcuts of wood from our tree surgery are processed as chippings which can be used as mulch for gardens and vegetable patches, as well as for flooring in chicken coops and pens, or natural garden paths.)

Do you need quality firewood before the colder months arrive? Look no further as we are currently delivering large and smaller loads of our best-quality wood in Rugby and surrounding areas, just in time for winter! Contact Dead Or Alive Trees today on 01788 226102, or email us at info@deadoralivetrees.co.uk