Aug 22, 2021

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With Winter fast approaching, where should I buy my logs in Rugby?


Winter is on its way again and we’re starting to dream of curling up in front of a glowing fire! Now’s the time to look out for the best firewood for your wood-burning stoves, fire pits and chimineas.  Being out of doors in the autumn and early spring months can be a pleasure with a little comfort heating!

Where should you buy your logs and kindling? 

While big-name stores and supermarkets may seem convenient, packs are usually small and can work out expensive if you plan to light your fire often.

We can supply quality local firewood to your door

We’ve been in the business of tree surgery for well over 25 years and we are here to provide a great service and help you decide the type of wood you may want. We recommend quality barn-stored, air-seasoned wood. This type of wood burns efficiently and is well suited to open fires and wood-burning stoves, reducing the amount of smoke and fumes while it is burning. Wood does not have to be dried in a kiln to have its moisture removed: wind power blowing through a barn is equally effective! Air-drying is ecological and sustainable as it relies on good air circulation rather than any power source to dry the wood.

Did you know?

‘Seasoning’ means drying wood to prepare it for use. Cut logs are stacked in such a way that air can circulate freely to dry the wood naturally. Kiln dried wood has to be dried in a low temperature kiln to achieve the same moisture reduction, but of course uses power. This is gas, electricity or a form of liquid or solid fuel. Why use up other natural resources , let nature do it for you.

Homes in Scandinavia and rural Germany often have large log stores attached to sides of the houses, or located nearby. Why? These countries are used to drying their own wood supplies collected from nearby woodland. They would not dream of buying heat treated wood!

The best way to source air-dried wood is to buy directly from a tree surgeon or gardening service

Dead Or Alive Trees retains as much quality wood from our tree surgery as is possible, We do not believe in use of landfill for disposal of our waste. It is returned to our storage area and then cut into fire sized logs using log-splitters and saws. It is then stacked under cover in barn storage which have good draughts provided solely by the wind.  This produces logs and kindling ready for you to burn cleanly at home. Our smaller branches do not go to waste: these are chipped and stored so that the wood chippings break down into a rich mulch. This is used for top dressing gardens and vegetable patches, as well as flooring in chicken coops and pens. We have supplied to schools for play areas and  for use for natural garden paths. The mulch can also be supplied to commercial sites where border alongside car parks or work areas need weed suppression.

We are currently delivering our top quality wood in Rugby and surrounding areas. Contact Dead Or Alive Trees today on 01788 226102, or email us at